New Bible Study Class

New Bible Study Class

Belen Public Library

333 Becker Ave. Belen New Mexico


Our Bible studies are from the texts of St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology written by Dr. Hahn

We are starting a new series

Genesis to Jesus- Learn basic principles for reading scripture.  Starting Aug. 11-Oct. 27 on Friday’s from 3:30 P.M.-4:45 P.M.


Coffee and snacks provided.  Materials for children are also provided.


Classes are being facilitated by Lay Reader

Thomas E. Sperry of Saint Philip Neri Holy Catholic Church Western Rite


Contact phone number:(505)366-7373

or visit our website:



We will be at a Home and Garden Show

home and garden show


I will be selling bonnets, organic cat nip mice, a few finger puppets, a blanket, shawls, and head cover.  The place will be the old Community Center May 20th form 8am-4pm 715 South Main Street, Belen New Mexico.


We will also have some things for the church too.  I will have some pamphlets so people can learn about our church.  We will have free Rosaries with booklets explaining how to do the Rosary and business cards.  We have an account with youtube  My You Tube Channel


My son will be getting the rosary up soon and perhaps some cartoons and information.

Stay tuned for more.

Saint of the Day- September 16- Saint Cornelius

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Saint Cornelius

September 16. Cornelius was elected pope “by the judgment of God and of Christ, by the testimony of most of the clergy, by the vote of the people, with the consent of aged priests and of good men” after a 14 month vacancy in the papacy. Cornelius served as Pope for only two years, but they were years packed with important happenings in the life of the Church.

Saint of the Day- September 17. Saint Robert Bellarmine

Saint Robert Bellarmine

September 17. When Robert Bellarmine was ordained in 1570, the study of Church history and the Fathers of the Church was in a sad state of neglect. A promising scholar from his youth in Tuscany, he devoted his energy to these two subjects, as well as to Scripture, in order to systematize Church doctrine against the attacks of the Protestant Reformers. He was the first Jesuit to become a professor at Louvain.

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9/18/2016 Saint of the Day-Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

September 18. Joseph is most famous for levitating at prayer. Already as a child, Joseph showed a fondness for prayer. After a short career with the Capuchins, he joined the Conventuals. Following a brief assignment caring for the friary mule, Joseph began his studies for the priesthood. His tendency to levitate during prayer was sometimes a cross.

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9/13/2016 – Saint John Chrysostom Saint of the Day

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Saint John Chrysostom

The ambiguity and intrigue surrounding John, the great preacher from Antioch, are characteristic of the life of any great saint in a capital city. Brought to Constantinople after a dozen years of priestly service in Syria, John found himself the reluctant victim of an imperial ruse to make him bishop. John deplored the court protocol that accorded him precedence before the highest state officials.

The Holy Rosary Should Be Up And Running By The End Of The Week


I’ve been working hard to get the Rosary up on the conference calls and up and running on the website.  The Rosary section is almost finished.  We have a few rosaries completed and one can pick up a free rosary at the library of Belen bible studies with a booklet on how to pray it or whenever we are at the Belen flea market.  Keep looking back here at the website to find out when we will be at the flea market.

Bible Studies at Belen Public Library

Bible Studies at

Belen Public Library

333 Becker Ave. Belen New Mexico

(505) 864-3511

Our Bible studies are from the texts of St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology written by Dr. Hahn


The Lessons are starting over again with lesson 1

Covenant Love” introducing the Biblical Worldview


Course Description

“Covenant” is the master concept that unlocks the meaning of the Bible. The Bible tells the story of God the Father’s love for His children and His plan to fashion all people into one holy family. God unfolds this plan of salvation through a series of covenants, culminating in the New Covenant He makes in Jesus.

In this course, we look at God’s covenant plan. We study the five key covenants God makes in the Old Testament in order to see how they are fulfilled in Jesus and the Church. The goal is to enable students to understand the crucial significance of the covenant concept for interpreting the Bible and for understanding God’s fatherly plan.

Course Objectives

To learn the importance of God’s covenants for understanding and interpreting the Bible.
To understand the difference between the biblical idea of “covenant” and modern notions of “contract.”
To learn the five key covenants of the Old Testament, be able to locate them in the Bible, and understand how they are fulfilled in Jesus and the Catholic Church.

Supplies needed: Bring your own favorite Bible or we can give you one if you need one.  The rest of the material are provided.

Also, coffee and snacks provided and materials for Children is also provided.


Classes are being facilitated by Lay Reader and Evangelist Thomas E. Sperry of

Saint Philip Neri Holy Catholic Church Western Rite

An Orthodox Faith Church

Contact phone number: 505-366-7373